I am lucky that my uncle works extensively within the supercar and prestige industries offering his website and photographic services. See: davidjmarsh.co.uk.  David, my uncle, works closely with Peter Critchell of Kent Ferrari who has owned over 12 Ferraris. His current Ferrari is the famous Ferrari F430 in gleaming yellow. 

David often undertakes private photographic work for Ferrari owners who want to use his amazing HDR Photography services to immortalise their supercars. Before he starts work, he always has me detail and clean the vehicles to ensure they look their best.

Today, Peter Critchell of Kent Ferrari, wanted his  F430 photographed outside Reynolds Spa in Borough Green, Kent. This was to provide images for a show that Kent Ferrari were planning to hold there.

My ‘vehicle deap cleaning’ service included:

Citrus pre was which loosens bugs and grime.
Fall out remover which reacts to contaminants.
Snowfoam application.
Door shuts and seals cleaned.
Glass polished.
Trims dressed and tyres.
Interior dusted, cleaned and hoovered with dressing.